Simmer Smith

Simmer Smith is a chef who will do the time-consuming task of simmering until you get the stock and readymade soup. We source only fresh and clean ingredients from domestic sources and simmer them for extensive hours until you get the real taste of stock. We currently make delivery only in Thailand.

The Chef

I'm Julawat Suppipat, Bubb, My passion started as a kid when I helped my grandmother in the kitchen. With the inspiration that started from family values, I was determined to study culinary, at the Culinary Institute of America (New York) and at the Oriental Hotel Apprenticeship Programme at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.


Our soups and stocks are made from all-natural produce we do not use anything artificial or processed ingredients such as MSG, preservatives. No flour and sugar are added because we believe we can produce great quality soups by using great ingredients and techniques.

Our product are made fresh, non frozen, and vacuum-pack in a sealed package. It needs to be refrigerated. Please visit our homepage to check out menu of the week.

Storage & Usage

Stocks can be used in all your cooking needs or can be eaten as clear soup. Please feel free to add salt or sauces to your own cooking because our stocks are not heavily salted for the purpose that they can be used in all cooking for different people who prefer different salt level intake.

Soups can be eaten right out of the pouch. Just warm the soup in a microwave or on the stove and it’s ready. Many of our customers get in touch with their creative side and add more ingredients to the soup to make it a complete meal experience. Sometimes they use it as a base for their recipes of stew and pasta.

Our products need to be kept refrigerated at all times by laying them flat in the refrigerator. If not eaten by the recommend date in the back of the pouch, they can be frozen for 3 months or longer. Our soups and stocks can still be used if frozen longer 3 months but the quality may decline such as all natural food. We recommend using the soups and stocks as soon as possible for best quality.


Our products are hand delivered so please ensure that you provide a thorough delivery address and please feel free to give us tips on how to reach you. Please also make sure that you have someone at the door and able to refrigerate the products immediately.